Welcome to Om Yoga & Fitness!  

We are more than a yoga studio.  We understand that the path to optimal health includes a strong and healthy body, a calm mind, balanced energy and  a connection so Self.  Though there are many paths to meeting your wellness and life purpose needs, we hope to offer you something that will help you traverse your life's journey in a positive and meaningful way!  : ) 


FIRST  FOR  $5 !!!!*

~ YOGA ~

~ Barre ~                           ~ Zumba ~

          ~ Yogalates ~                  ~ Meditation ~               ~ 50/50 ~                      ~ Forever Fit ~

~ Personal Training ~

~ Reiki ~

*First group class only $5.00

1284 Washington St (Rte 53),

Weymouth, MA 02189

phone:  781-340-YOGA (9642)

email:  info@omyogaandfitness.com


May Changes

Please keep an eye open... We will be making schedule changes and adding more workshops coming in May.  We hope you to bring you more health and wellness options that you enjoy!  :)  

Worksite Wellness   Let Om Yoga & Fitness help you provide expert and research based wellness programming to you and your staff.  Chris Shipps, owner of Om Yoga & Fitness, has years of experience providing worksite wellness design and work station ergonomic evaluations to private business, universities and state agencies.  Please click the button to learn more!